Microconsole outfit set to make store and titles available on hardware beyond its own system

Ouya Everywhere makes games playable on TV without console

Microconsole maker Ouya is reportedly readying a new service that will allow gamers to play titles on the Ouya Store through other means than just the platform’s hardware.

Founder and CEO Julie Uhrman teased the ‘Ouya Everywhere” feature to SlashDot, though deferred getting into any solid details until the supposed official announcement arrives later this week.

“Right now, our growth is limited by how quickly we can make a box and put it into market… We know that our demand far exceeds our ability to do that,” Uhrman said.

“It could be another set-top

. It could be the TV itself. There’s a number of different ways that games can be played on the television, and we’re actively exploring all of them.”

Ouya launched a new 16GB console in North America last month. The company also saw one of its co-founders, Muffi Ghadiali, depart in January.

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