Platform holder launches new payment model without warning developers first

Ouya testing Netflix-like subscription model for games

Ouya has begun trialling a Netflix-like subscription model for users to play games.

The 12-month subscription will cost consumers €60, and gives them access to every game on Ouya that costs under €30. In-game purchases are not included however.

The company has said that developers will still receive 70 per cent of the full price game fee should someone download a game with their subscription. It has asked creators who may want to change their price to email Ouya direct to discuss any alterations.

It would appear that the firm had not warned developers in advance of the change, with many expressing their frustrations over the matter on Twitter.

All access passes appear to be open to all users, though only limited spaces are available.

We have reached out for comment on the new payment model.

Ouya is not the first games company to try to utilise the subscription model, used to great success by TV and film streaming service Netflix.

OnLive offers a subscription fee for users to access a number of games, including many triple-A titles. Sony meanwhile is gearing up to launch its PlayStation Now service that will offer access to PS1, PS2 and PS3 games. Users can purchase a single game or subscription.

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