#CreateUK - A glimpse of the country's vibrant game development sector

Over 240 games being made in the UK right now

The UK is home to a wide variety of developers making some of the biggest games in the world, from indies all the way up to triple-A studios.

To celebrate the UK game industry and the launch of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport’s #CreateUK scheme encouraging the country’s creative talent to show off their work, we’ve put together an impressive list of more than 240 games in development in the UK right now.

From Star Citizen, Alien: Isolation, Forza Horizon 2, LIttleBigPlanet 3 and Batman: Arkham Knight, to indie games such as Maia, Volume, Heat Signature and Plague Inc: Evolved, there are games for all tastes.

Are you a UK developer making a game that’s not on the list? Email Craig.Chapple@intentmedia.co.uk and we’ll get you added.

Games being developed in the UK

4pm – Bojan Brbora
 – inkle
A touch of Magic – Xiotex Studios
Agoraphobia Free – Fuzzy Frog Games
Alaska – Ratus Apparatus
Alien Creeps TD – Outplay Entertainment
Alien Flu – Boomshack Ltd
Alien: Isolation – Creative Assembly

Amazing World of Gumball – Yippee Entertainment
Aqua Snap – Preloaded and MyCognition
Asleep: I Hear My Name – The Digital Toy Company Limited
Atoms: Critical Mass – Six Echo Studios
Avoid Droid – Infinite State Games
Batman: Arkham Knight – Rocksteady
Battledroid – PuppyGames
Bedlam – RedBedlam
BFF Or Die – Honey Tribe Studios
Bodycheck – Ludometrics
Bubble Beach Heroes – Outplay Entertainment
Cannon Cove – Octopus 8 Studios
Car Runners – Ironhorse Games
Carmageddon Reincarnation – Stainless Games

CES (Working title) – Mars On A Stick
Chimpact 2: Family Tree – Yippee Entertainment
Chimpact Run – Yippee Entertainment
Chompy Chomp Chomp Party – Utopian World of Sandwiches
Cletus Clay – Tuna
Coffin Dodgers – Milky Tea
Containment Protocol – Xiotex Studios
Crackdown – Cloudgine
Crime Solitaire 2: The Smoking Gun – Desktop Gaming Ltd
Cromwell – Lady Shotgun
CyberCook – Starship
Dama – Quartic Llama 
Deep Dive – Preloaded and MyCognition
Deep Loot – Monster and Monster
Detective Grimoire – SFB Games

Dirty Bomb – Splash Damage
Disney Infinity – Studio Gobo
Doctor Kvorak – Freekstorm
Dovetail Games Fishing – Dovetail
Dream – HyperSloth
DreamWalker Mahjong – DreamWalker Games
Driveclub – Evolutions Studios
Dungeon Buster – Light-Up Warrior Games
Easy Money – Robot Overlord Games
Eden Star – Flix Interactive
Elite: Dangerous – Frontier Developments

Epic Eric – 232 Studios
– Tuna & Omni Systems
Eve: Valkyrie – CCP Newcastle
Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture – The Chinese Room
Fable Legends – Lionhead
Farendys Majora – DreamWalker Games
Flockers – Team17
Folk Tale – Games Foundry
Football Manager – Sports Interactive
Forever Lost: Episode 3 – Glitch Games
Forget-Me-Not – Starship
Forgotten Ball – Joshua Croft
Forza Horizon 2 – Playground Games (Xbox One) / Sumo Digital (Xbox 360)
Frozen Endzone – Mode 7 Games

Gang Beasts – Boneloaf
Generation Ship – Paul S Burgess
Glitchspace – Space Budgie
Goblin Ball – Octopus 8 Studios
Godus – 22Cans
Granf Theft Auto V – Rockstar North
Greed – Sam McCall
Grid Autosport – Codemasters
Grim Beasts – Boneloaf
Hatoful Boyfriend – Mediatonic
Haunt the House – SFB Games
Here Be Monsters – Gamesys
Hotel Havok – Stand Out Games
Heat Signature – Suspicous Developments
Homefront: The Revolution – Crytek UK
House of Golf – Atomicom
Hyphen – FarSpace Studios
HySTeRiA – Liam Twose
Illuminascii – DDD wares
Incandescence – Guerilla Tea
Infinity Runner – Wales Interactive
Into This Wylde Abyss – Richard Whitelock
Isomer – Ionising Software

Jellyflug Micro Adventures – Troll Inc
Kingmaker – Octopus 8 Studios
Knights & Orcs – FingerPunch Games
Kung Fu Superstar – Kinesthetic Games
LA Cops – Modern Dream
Leeds Art Crawl – Wetgenes
LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham – Traveller’s Tales
Life of Pixel – Super Icon Ltd
Light – Just a Pixel
LittleBigPlanet 3 – Sumo Digital

Live for Speed – Scawen Roberts, Eric Bailey, and Victor van Vlaardingen
Lumo Deliveries Inc. – Lumo Developments
MagNets – Total Monkery
– Simon Roth
Mass Vector – Moving Pixel Games
Mighty Tactical Shooter – Sock Thuggery
Minutes – Red Phantom Games
Mlob Rule – Preloaded and Amplify
Moeba – Quartic Llama
Monsters vs. Robots – Cool Game Arcade
Monstrum – Team Junkfish
Motorsport Manager – Christian West
MQ (Working title) – Two Tails
Multiple unannounced projects JiggeryPokery
Mutiny! – Hidden Armada
Mystery Match – Outplay Entertainment
MZR – Funky Circuit
Neolithic – Sapient Studios
NeoArcade – Claymore Games
New IP – Strike Gamelabs
No Man’s Sky – Hello Games

Not a Hero – Roll 7
Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty! – Just Add Water
Of Guards And Thieves – Subvert Games
Olli Olli – Roll 7
Online Racing Championship – Ash McConnell, Gregor Veble and Nick Ovey
Orcboy – Me,We Studios
Overruled – Dlala
Oxide – Lucky Red Fish
Penku – Look Kittens!
Pixel Power – Liam Twose
Pixel Raiders – Pixel Sword
Plague Inc: Evolved – ndemic Creations

Playworld – Starship
Polychronicon – Lady Shotgun
Polyganic – Fluff Stuff Games
Predestination – Brain and Nerd
Prison Architect – Introversion
Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 – PES Productions London
Project Greener Grass (Working title) – Amuzo
Pure Pool – VooFoo Studios
Pure Space – Gateway Interactive
Quickslide – Stand Out Games
Quizball 2014 – Ludometrics
Radial-G – Tammeka Games
Raging Justice – Makin Games
RainStorm Rivals – SFB Games
Redzone Runner – Altered Gene
Robocraft – Freejam
Rock Boshers DX – Directors Cut – Tikipod Ltd
Room series title – Fireproof Games
Routine – Lunar Software
Runes of Camelot – FingerPunch Games
Rust – Facepunch

S.O.R.S – Science: Gamed
Safe Cracker
 – Supergonk
Salvaged – Opposable Games
Sandbox Tower Defense – Guerilla Tea
Schrödinger’s Cat – Italic Pig
Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails – Dakko Dakko
Seabeard– HandCircus
Sentinel 4: Dark Star – Origin8
Sheltered – Unicube
Shoot ‘Em Up Kit – Tall Studios Ltd
Sim Raiders – Matt Stockham
SingOn – Wish Studios
SingStar – Sony London Studio
Skies of Titan – PuppyGames
Sky Patrol – Beartrap Games
Slime Vs the World – Pandara’s Box Games
SnapMatch Soccer – Strange Flavour Ltd
Sniper Elite 3 – Rebellion
So Hungry – Xiotex Studios
Solitude – Rogue Vector
Solstrike – Fen Research
Soul Axiom – Wales Interactive
Splemy – Formerdroid
Squadron 42 – Foundry 42
Star Citizen – Foundry 42

Starbound – Chucklefish
Stealth Inc 2 – Curve Studios
Story Cards, Crafty Cut, TyrAnt – Preloaded and Amplify
Stratonauts – Boss Baddie
Stronghold Crusader 2 – Firefly Studios
Subnet – Nineteen Stone Ninjas
Sunless Sea– Failbetter Games
Super Glyph Quest – Alex Trowers and Leanne Bayley
Super Rude Bear Resurrection – Vorpal Games
Super Something Squad – VAMflax
Table Top Racing – Playrise Digital
Tangiers – Andalusian
Tango Fiesta – Spilt Milk Studios
Tap Happy Sabotage – Alistair Aitcheson
Tears of Avia – Andrew Livy
Tengami – Nyamyam
TerraTech – Payload Studios
Terrortown – SFB Games
The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle – Rumpus Animation
The Assembly – nDreams
The Corridor – On Behalf of the Dead – Desktop Daydream Studios
The Depths of Tolagal – Angry Toad Studios Ltd
The Division – Ubisoft Reflections

The Escapists – Mouldy Toof Studios
The impossible line 2 – We are Mi
The impossible line: Cancer Research UK edition – We are Mi
The Kraken Sleepeth
– Team Pesky
The Marvellous Miss Take – Wonderstruck
The Official – Among Pixels
The Raiders of the Lost Quark – Italic Pig
The Secret Cove – Cheeky Sprite Studios
They are everywhere – Refresh Creations
Tiki Taka Soccer – Panic Barn
Timmy Bibble’s Friendship Club – Force of Habit
TinyKeep – Digital Tribe Games
Tiny Striker – Fat Fish Games
Tiny Trees – Whispering Gibbon
Titan Souls – Acid Nerve
Transformers Universe – Jagex
Transmission (Working title) Loju
Tricone Lab – Partickhill Games Ltd
Two unannounced projects – Three Fields Entertainment
Unannounced PC and mobile games – Radiant Worlds
Unannounced Unreal Engine 4 game – Ninja Theory
Unannounced Wii U game – Crystalline Green Ltd
Unannounced Xbox One game – Deco Digital
Undercurrent – Hammerhead
Unnamed title – Criterion
Unrest – Pyrodactyl
Virginia – Variable State
Velocity 2X – FuturLab
Victory At Sea – Evil Twin Artworks
Volume – Mike Bithell

WestWars – Octopus 8 Studios
Wild Pony
 – Altered Gene
Witchmarsh – Inglenook
Word Island – Worldweaver Ltd
World of Warriors – Mind Candy
Worldly – Supergonk
Writer’s Story (Working title) – Tea-Powered Games
Wulven Ranch – Umz Games
Yak Dash – Horns Of Glory – Mutant Labs
Z – TickTock Games
Zap – Zapcoder
Zentorii – Ramen Soft
Zombie Piranha – Putty Cad / Appy Times

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