Technology used 'in a wide variety of academic fields'

Over 250 universities sign CryEngine 3

Waves of universities from around the world have signed up to use CryEngine 3, the tech’s vendor has announced.

Academic institutions “in a wide variety of fields including physics, computer science, architecture, film-making, art and design” have signed to use the high-end tech, Crytek said.

The Frankfurt-based studio claimed that over 250 universities have licensed the tech.

“We are absolutely delighted by the huge interest that academics from all around the globe have shown in CryEngine 3,” said Carl Jones, director of global business at CryEngine.

“It’s really an honour for us to be considered the first-choice technology for so many leading universities”.

The announcement comes after Crytek co-founder Avni Yerli admitted to Develop that studio licensing deals hadn’t gained as much momentum as first hoped.

He added: “CryEngine is definitely our best engine so far in terms of usability and scalability, and it’s good to see the engine used outside the games industry.”

As well as the Educational SDK, Crytek offers a Game Development SDK for professional game developers and a Simulation SDK for serious games applications.

A free, non-commercial edition of CryEngine 3 will be available in August, the company recently announced.

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