Games built by indies with Europa to be released via GamersGate

Paradox releases free engine for making digitally distributed titles

Swedish studio Paradox has unveiled plans to release its Europa games engine for free via download portal GamersGate.

Games made by independent developers with the engine, used in Paradox’s titles such as Hearts of Iron and Europa Universalis II, will be distributed by GamersGate – and those participating will get "the same financial deal given to established publishers on the platform".

Paradox plans to set a few ‘minimum criteria’ but said that the ultimate aim was to let anyone interests have a shot at using the technology to develop games and then sell them via GamersGate.

CEO Theodore Bergquist described the move as way to "give back to the gaming community" and allow game developers to "turn their hobbies into lucrative projects".

"Through GamersGate, creative gamers worldwide will be given access to a development tool that will allow them to fulfill their game developer ambitions while getting access to a global distribution network without the costs and risks that are normally involved in game development and distribution," said Bergquist.

More information can be found here.

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