Event adds art exhibit, research sessions, new speakers

Paris GDC expands

New attractions have been announced for this year’s Paris GDC, including an art exhibit, research sessions and new speakers.

Hosted by The Building Studios alongside event organisers Connection Events, the Entertainment Design Expo is a non-profit project designed to promote art through games.

“Contemporary concept designers, with their superb technical skills and wild imagination are our best tour guides for a trip to far away galaxies and into the world of modern science fiction," said Viktor Antonov and Svetlana Ilieva, co-organizers of the Entertainment Design Expo.

"The Entertainment Design Expo presents the work of four of the most influential concept artists in the gaming industry, all recognised for creating dream worlds of mystery and beauty. For the first time GDC takes place in Paris – the capital of arts, and it becomes a perfect venue for this young art form.The event is a unique opportunity for the public to discover unpublished work that has not been exposed to date.”

Pierre Carde, Paris GDC executive director, added: “The videogame art professionals are talented artists who work behind the scenes and are not always recognized for their true value. Our goal with the Entertainment Design Exhibition is to praise the artists’ work and give them the spotlight they deserve.”

Also featuring at Paris GDC are research sessions, presented by European and French labs and sponsored by French clusters cap digital and Imaginove, covering topics such as procedural generation of worlds, perceptual audio rendering and ‘the emotional and communicative virtual human’.

In addition, further speakers have been announced, including Allan Murphy (Microsoft), Lionel Lemarié (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe), Ian Baverstock (Kuju), Chris Mottes (Deadline Games), Guillaume de Fondaumiere (Quantic Dream) and Franc Hauselmann (Ubisoft).

Paris GDC runs from June 23rd and 24th at the Coeur Defence. More information can be found at the official website.

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