Forthcoming episodic cartoon RPG built with GarageGames' tech

Penny Arcade adventures with Torque 360

GarageGames’ Torque 360 engine has been picked by Hothead Games for its first episode in the Penny Arcade Adventures saga.

The game is the latest in a long line of Xbox Live Arcade games to use the Torque engine, which has . Hothead’s main reason for choosing the engine, though, was for its cross-platform support, with Hothead president Vlad Ceraldi saying: "Rather than building platform code from from the ground up, using Torque gave us far more time to hone the actual game."

Brett Seyler, VP of business development for GarageGames, added: "Torque keeps improving with every trial. The Hothead team took Torque in a unique rendering direction and we learned a lot from that. To Hothead’s huge credit, the results are awesome. Looking at the game now, it’s a blast to play and definitely faithful to the Penny Arcade Comic’s style and humor."

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