GDC 2014: Version management software firm aims to improve flexibility for devs and enterprise with system promoting cross-compatibility

Perforce introduces hybrid version control

Perforce has introduced a new platform for hybrid version control which it said will give developer greater flexibility.

The company said the capabilities of this new system across its suite of version management solutions help developers use Git alongside its native versioning protocol (Perforce 4) without hindering development operations teams from implementing and accelerating their continuous delivery pipelines.

Enterprises can now adopt either centralised or distributed workflows, or both together, based on the needs of each project instead of having to make a choice.

According to Perforce, organisations have found it difficult to manage large projects with Git because of its inherent limitations with large code bases and files, while developers have had to use outdated or home-grown tools for collaboration and code review.

Perforce aims to curve this with its new hybrid system, which is said will enable developers using Git to contribute to broader team goals more easily, without any changes to their workflows or needing to deploy anything new on their desktops.

“We’ve seen that letting your teams use the tools they’re comfortable with is a great way to foster innovation,” said Perforce founder and CTO Christopher Seiwald.

“That’s the fundamental goal behind our hybrid model. Developers can work as they like, Release Managers can get products out the door faster, and the dev ops team can check all the boxes for ‘ilities’, like traceability, scalability, auditability. There’s no longer a need for anyone to compromise.”

Perforce hybrid version control and collaboration solutions include:

  • Coding using Git or P4
  • Consolidated visibility and tracking across the entire code base
  • Management of all file sizes and types in a single, secure platform
  • Social coding and collaboration across Git and P4 commits
  • Development analytics across all projects
  • Enterprise scale without manual complexity

Find out more about Perforce’s hybrid version control on it website.

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