New software and collaboration platform features Git management and advanced threat detection

Perforce launching cloud service Perforce Helix

Management software provider Perforce has unveiled a new product that makes it easier for business and studios to collaborate.

Perforce Helix will be available as both software for a single office and a cloud service, and is billed as a ‘collaboration platform’. The idea is that the platform serves as what Perforce refers to as a “single source of truth” for all contributors and assets to a project.

It supports both distributed and centralised version control to suit the way developers work, as well as purely Git-based workflows via a feature entitled GitSwarm.

Security has also been taken into account, with users able to use project visibility controls, protected branches and permissions to ensure the right people work on the right assets. Helix also automatically detects potential IP theft across all accounts, projects and assets using the platform.

The cloud version of Helix allows studios to store and share files through a web-based interface.

Perforce Helix will be launched over the coming weeks. While the DVCS and threat detection capabilities will be ready at launch, Helix Git management is currently in beta but should be ready “shortly”, according to the firm.

You can find out more from the video at Perforce’s website.

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