New version of software configuration management tool boasts improved project management and automation

Perforce rolls out new SDK

Perforce Software has unveiled a new SDK for its Perforce Defect Tracking Gateway.

The SDK, part of Perforce version 2007.3, is designed to allow the software’s users develop better integrations to commercial and in-house issue tracking systems and strengthen project management capabilities.

Christopher Seiwald, president and chief technology officer of Perforce Software says, "We believe SCM is at the core of ALM and is the hard part of the technology proposition to get right. From small development shops to massive installations, our customers view Perforce’s ability to integrate tightly with other tools as a major asset in building their custom application lifecycle managment solutions.

"We lead the world in SCM performance and scalability and there is no suite solution that stacks up. This SDK further enables our customers to add the project management and process automation tools they choose."

On firm, project management system outfit Fog Creek, has already integrated its tool FogBugz with the Perforce SCM system.

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