Minecraft convention might 'make a loss' says Notch, but he wants to celebrate with gamers

Persson: ‘I owe my fans’

For a large group of gamers, this November is not about the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Assassin’s Creed Revelations or Uncharted 3 – it’s the month the final version of Minecraft is released.

And to celebrate, creator Markus Persson is to hold a special Minecraft Con in Las Vegas.

The event could host thousands of fans – but organising it might actually incur a loss for the game’s millionaire creator. However, he doesn’t mind, because it’s all about the fans.

"MinecraftCon will be our biggest and only promotion," says Persson in an in-depth Q&Aand profile piece about his success, fame and his fans.

"It will be a celebration of the release of the finished game, but as the budget looks now it’ll make a loss, no matter how many people come. But it’s for the fans.

"I feel like I owe it to the players. They’re playing my game."

A key moment at MinecraftCon will be the release of the full, finished game on 11/11//11 – via a live on-stage deployment of the game.

"The main thing will be the actual release of the game," he said. "I’ll go up on stage and *click*"

MinecraftCon will also include lots of other content dedicated to the indie hit game, Persson added.

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