Optimisation tool now being used in Japanese studio's future titles

Platinum Games chooses Simplygon for Bayonetta 2

Donya Labs, creator of Simplygon, has revealed that its flagship product was utilised in Platinum Games’ Wii U exclusive Bayonetta 2.

The optimisation tool was used to create Level of Detail models, meshes and scenes that helped reduce the size of in-game models and improve the game’s performance.

Simplygon was also used in LOD creation for the background, reducing the number of draw calls and helping to speed up the process of changing the game’s geometries.

"It’s humbling to be able to work with such an incredible team on games that reach such a passionate audience," said Donya Labs co-founder and vice president Martin Ekdal. "Knowing that Simplygon has enabled them to bring the best quality, performance and ultimately the best experience to their players is what it’s all about."

Platinum Games producer Akiko Kuroda added: "We introduced Simplygon to Bayonetta 2 for the first time for one of our title. Back then, we were struggling with the amount of content and quality we could add into the game with a tight schedule, during the late phase of development. 

"With Simplygon we drastically reduced the iteration time and the labour required. With the great success of using it in Bayonetta 2, we are now positively introducing Simplygon in other titles."

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