GDC 2014: Tool features drag and drop editor to 2D level creation

Plexonic launches game personalisation tool Saltr

Casual and social game developer Plexonic has launched a new game personalisation tool that lets designers alter games and specific mechanics for different players.

Saltr enables designers to customise gameplay elements in real-time for separate sets of users. For example features, levels and item prices can be altered depending on how users are playing a game.

The tool uses a drag and drop game editor then can be used to build 2D game levels, as well as customise and balance the the game.

“We developed Saltr to make our games taste uniquely to each user; to give our game designers a tool to build and test levels instantly without the need to involve developers,” said Plexonic CEO Gevorg Sargsyan.

Watch the video below for more information.

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