Whitehall gets praised by ELSPA for â??embracing videogamesâ??

Political pressures made in â??virtual MPâ?? game

How easy is it to become deeply, deeply unpopular? That is the real question posed by a new Flash-based game posted up on the official parliament website.

MP For A Week is a micro-management game where the player takes on the role of a virtual back-bench MP armed with a Blackberry.

The game has been given the endorsement treatment by ELSPA, with the group’s director general saying the title is “a great example of how games can be a valuable interactive educational tool”.

In MP For A Week, players pass through Whitehall taking calls for help by constituency members while also attending meetings, debates, and hear ‘requests’ from party whips.

The idea is to succeed in the areas of party reputation, voter support, and media appearance. The player’s inevitable struggle in doing so is the game’s way of illustrating how complicated it may just be for an MP to please everyone.

The game is targeted towards young people with an interest in politics.

Mike Rawlinson, Director General of ELSPA, said: “We are pleased to see Parliament embracing videogames in this way and finally appreciating the relevance of videogames in many areas of work and play.”

Play the game here.

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