Cryptic video reveals casual developer's newest title

PopCap creating Plants Vs. Zombies

A video has been made public that reveals PopCap is working on a new release called Plants Vs. Zombies.

The game appears to be a tower defense title akin to the iPhone hit Field Runners, and the video suggests players must defend a home by propagating plants that act as weapons to fend off the undead.

The teaser page on PopCap’s site reads: “You’ll need to think fast and plant faster to fend off this mob of helmet-clad, pole-vaulting zombies. So grab your gardening gloves, because you’re in for a riotous fight with the fun-dead!”

It is not clear if Plants vs. Zombies is the $1m game mentioned by co-founder John Vechey last year, but with PopCap’s dominant position in the casual market, it is likely the brand will become hugely significant in the sector.

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