ProbablyMonsters Co-op RPG Studio Leaders (Left to Right_ Patrick Blank, John Dunbar, Marsh Lefler, and Allen Fong)

ProbablyMonsters announces third studio – next-gen RPG title to be created by Torchlight veterans

US games company ProbablyMonsters has announced that it has secured a third development studio to be part of its growing family. The as yet unnamed studio will be working on a title described as a “a next-gen co-op RPG game.”

ProbablyMonsters looks to be growing rapidly, and is led by former Bungie President and CEO, Harold Ryan. Whose aim is to create a new kind of developer-focused games company. It already includes two studios: Cauldron Studios and Firewalk Studios.

While the new studio is somewhat mysterious at present, it does have some familiar faces. John Dunbar, Marsh Lefler, Patrick Blank and Allen Fong, are all named. They are veterans from Runic Games with credits including the Torchlight RPG series, with Blank having previously worked on Borderlands at Gearbox. 

The four names popped up together two years ago, when they founded the (apparently coincidentally named) Monster Squad Games, with the team speaking to PC Gamer about their first title. It now looks likely that (at least) the nucleus of that team, and that game have shifted over to be part of ProbablyMonsters. 

“People-first game developers with a passion for their craft, who foster trust, respect, and approachability, belong at ProbablyMonsters,” said Harold Ryan, CEO and founder of ProbablyMonsters. “John, Marsh, Patrick, and Allen are a perfect fit at ProbablyMonsters, and have joined us to lead the growth of a new co-op RPG studio, adding a new core genre to our family of studios.”

At the same time ProbablyMonsters has announced that it’s secured a new building in Bellevue, Washington, as it continues to grow from a current headcount of 150. 

“ProbablyMonsters’ unique studio development model empowers each of its studios to concentrate on game creation while the company’s platform team focuses on leadership mentoring, funding, publishing negotiations, staffing, corporate administration, and technology for every studio,” said a statement describing the company.

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