Peter Molyneux's crowd funding experiment succeeds with less than two days to go

Project Godus reaches Kickstarter goal

22 Can’s Project Godus has reached its funding goal of £450,000 on Kickstarter.

The studio founded by industry legend Peter Molyneux to launch 22 experimental projects has already released its first game, Curiosity: What’s Inside the Cube?, and was banking on popular support to fund a new project.

That project, Godus, is billed as the recreation of the God game genre first conceived by Molyneux in his first hit, Populus.

The project got off to a rough start, launching without the explosion of funding that usually marks a successful Kickstarter.

Molyneux blamed the slow beginning in part to an "assumption of wealth"- people simply believed he was too wealthy to recieve donations.

If that was the case, it doesn’t matter any more, as the project has crossed the finish line and will now recieve funding.

"Godus is backed," said Molyneux’s Twitter parody, Petermolydeux. "Get ready for TRUE next gen gaming."

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