Only games already harnessing the PS4 Eye will be exempt, source claims

PS4 devs required to integrate Vita remote play

PS4 developers must integrate Vita remote play into all of their games, according to a report.

A PS4 developer source “with a proven track record for accuracy” has told Eurogamer that only games that require the use of the PS4 Eye will be exempt from Vita compatibility.

The report said remote play will downscale the 1080p resolution of PS4 games to the Vita’s own native 960×544 display, which is then streamed over WiFi to the Vita.

Although the Vita can be used with the PS3 in a similar way, acting as a controller and second TV at 480p, but many developers have yet to pick up the feature.

The move is likely part of Sony’s attempts to help improve the fortunes of the PS Vita, which has struggled somewhat commercially since its release in February last year in Europe and North America.

Gaikai CEO revealed during Sony’s unveiling of the PS4 back in February that its cloud gaming tech would be utilised to stream PS4 games onto the PS Vita, should for example the main TV be in use by another member of the family.

He explained that this effectively turned the PS4 into a server, with the Vita acting as a client.

"Our long-term goal is to make every PS4 game playable on the PS Vita," said Perry.

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