E3'09: Console due October 1st at same price as PSP 3000

PSP Go officially announced

Sony has officially announced its PSP Go, which will launch in the US and Europe on October 1st.

The device will retail at the same price as the PSP 3000 ($249.99) and will be 40 per cent smaller and 50 per cent lighter than the last model.

The platform holder has also confirmed that they will continue to support the PSP 3000 and UMD alongside the new console, as reported by MCV earlier this week.

The machine houses 16GB of internal memory and the capacity for more via memory cards.

“We call it the worst kept secret of E3,” said PlayStation boss Kaz Hirai. “But we also call it the PSP Go.”

“This represents and object of desire as well as an object of functionality. It is built for the digital consumer, and is 50% smaller and 40% lighter than the PSP 3000.

"The PSP Go will not replace the PSP 3000 and UMD, and we will continue to support both."

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