Psyonix publishes loot box odds for Rocket League

Rocket League developer Psyonix has broken down the odds behind their Rocket League Crate loot boxes ahead of an overhaul of their progression system.

These disclosures are valuable, not just for consumers — who can take advantage of the extra transparency to make smarter decisions for a system that has come to be identified in more and more places as gambling — but also for developers, who get a clear look at how other developers are setting their drop rates and keeping consumers content.

Rocket League’s items start at ‘rare’, and there’s a 55 per cent chance that any loot box will contain a rare item. This is followed by a 28 per cent chance of pulling a very rare item, a 12 per cent for an import item. 4 per cent for an exotic item and 1 per cent chance of getting a black market item.

In addition to this, you can only get items that are ‘painted’ or ‘certified’, with each of these modifiers having a 25 per cent drop rate.

These rates, Psyonix revealed in its blog post, are the same as they were when the crate and key system launched in September 2016, and if they ever change in the future, Psyonix has claimed it’ll update the forum post disclosing the rates, too.

However, the next step is Rocket Pass, Psyonix’s own take on the battle pass system popularised by Fortnite. It’s a simpler proposition: complete challenges, get gear. Back of the net. 

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