PUBG Corp CEO says loot boxes won’t include game-changing items

During a recent Q&A, PUBG Corp’s CEO and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ lead game designer Changham Kim has said that the team will never add items that affect gameplay into their loot boxes.

During the Q&A, Kim was asked if the team were planning on adding new cosmetic item crates similar to the ones launched (to a small amount of controversy) for the Gamescom Invitational. These crates could still be purchased in game, although they were slightly more expensive than other crates, and they could only be opened with the addition of a key which could be bought directly from the developers.

The money helped fund the prize pool for the Gamescom invitational tournament.

Kim said that while there’s is "a relatively strong demand for cosmetic items,” “we will never add anything that affects the gameplay.”

Right now, Kim is focusing on the game’s full release, which is planned for late December.

Elsewhere, Kim confirmed the game’s redzone, a mythological creature that players have ascribed a malicious urge to kill, is a "random phenomenon."

Elsewhere, Kim also mentioned plans for a tutorial mode as the game fleshes out ahead of 1.0. You can see the full transcript of the Q&A here. 

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