Real-time lighting solution sees temporary price drop

PureLight gets ‘indie-friendly’ discount

Canadian lighting group PureLight will, for a limited time, be selling its global illumination tech at a discount through GarageGames.

The firm will drop the price of its PureLight illumination tool down from $500 to $350, in the spirit – perhaps – of its newest vendor.

Since it was founded back in 2001, GarageGames has sold game engines and add-on tech at far more approachable price-points than its competitors. 

The group has what it terms an ‘indie licensing model’ – a discount service for any developers with less than $250,000 in annual revenue. 

The group’s Torque 3D engine, for example, is available for unlimited use for indies at $1,000, and for studios at $4,000. 

PureLight, developed by 3DI, generates lighting maps in real-time with developers able to preview their work.

Users can, according to the company, adjust settings while lighting is in progress.

No deadline on the $150 discount was given, though GarageGames has stated the deal is for a limited time. 

To read Develop’s full Torque 3D profile, go here.

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