OneSky on the benefits of translating mobile games for numerous markets

QA and localisation case study: OMG: TD

Company: OneSky
Game: OMG: TD

What stage of development were you brought in?
Amanda Wong, marketing director: We started working with Yodo1 after they launched their first English version and decided to go global. We have been working with them closely until now to manage updates.

What services did you provide for the game?
We helped to translate their iTunes and Google Play app descriptions, in-game text and provided an on-device testing service to make sure all translations and layouts look good before launching.

OneSky provides all-in-one localization solutions that save devs time while boosting translation quality. We support more than 30-plus file formats. So instead of having to extract the text into excels file themselves, the OMG: TD team simply needed to send us their XML file and our system could automatically parse the file and extract the text for them. When the translations were done, they could download a ready-to-use resource file format as well, saving tonnes of file format conversation time.

Our platform also provides a wide range of quality assurance features such as placeholder validation, length limit validation, glossary functions, in-context translation, translation memory, etcetera, to make sure OMG: TD can receive a high quality translation from us.

Is there a particular element of the QA and localisation process for the game that you were especially proud of?
At OneSky, we have a team of professional translators who specialise in translating games. Most of them are experienced gamers as well so they are capable of providing creative translations that can captivate gamers, especially for things like character and item names, dialogues, etcetera.

How long and in-depth was the QA and localisation process?
It took roughly one month to go through the whole translation and testing process for the initial launch. Our testers have gone through all the missions in the game.

After the initial launch, we continued to help the OMG: TD team handle translations on any updates. Managing updates is really easy on OneSky. The OMG: TD team simply needs to send us the updated XML file and our system can automatically detect which strings are new. This saves a lot of manual handling time especially for a game that is constantly updating and improving.

To ensure consistency between updates, we have dedicated translators for OMG: TD so all the updates are handled by the same translators who really understand the game.

Why is it important developers use QA and localisation services for a game like this?
On-device testing is particularly important for games because sometimes you can only tell if the translation runs smoothly if you are actually playing the game in real.

On-device testing can also help to spot layout and spacing issues that can have great impact on your game.

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