David Cage's studio denies lightening Arabs' skin colour in PS4 remaster

Quantic Dream fights back against ‘absurd’ Beyond: Two Souls skin tone concerns

The developer of PlayStation title Beyond: Two Souls has strongly denied accusations the some dark-skinned characters have had their skin tone deliberately lightened in the game’s PS4 version.

Eurogamer yesterday noted that some of the characters featured in a level set in a Saudi Arabian embassy appeared to have notably lighter skin than in the original PS3 release. Quantic Dream, however, has argued that any changes are solely down to a change in the lighting engine and some character designs.

“The lighting has changed as well as the skin shader we use, leading to slightly lighter skins in general (which can also be seen on Jodie’s white skin), although some black skins are a little bit darker (which has not been reported…),” Quantic boss David Cage told the site.

“All characters have been upgraded on the PS4 version compared to the PS3, which sometimes led to creating a new face that can be different from the previous one (as well as different clothes or accessories). The skin tone or type of few characters may have changed in the process.

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