Dimensional Imaging's DI4D powers facial performances in Remedy's upcoming Xbox One exclusive

Quantum Break draws on Scottish tech for facial capture

Scottish image capture specialist Dimensional Imaging has revealed that its facial performance capture will be used in Xbox One title Quantum Break.

Remedy Entertainment has licensed the firm’s DI4D software for use in its upcoming Xbox One exclusive. It will allow Remedy to "derive super high definition facial motion capture from nine standard video cameras without using markers, makeup or special illumination", according to Dimensional Imaging.

Quantum Break will feature both live-action videos and next-generation graphics and gameplay. It will apparently interact with a Quantum Break television series that is also in development.

"Quantum Break is a hugely ambitious project that combines action and narrative components in a unique way to bring the characters to life," said Remedy’s creative director Sam Lake. "The only way to achieve the high quality of performance was to create highly realistic digital doubles of talented actors.

"By using Dimensional Imaging’s DI4D facial performance capture solution combined with our Northlight storytelling technology, we can ensure that every nuance of the actors’ performances are captured on screen."

Dimensional Imaging CEO Colin Urquhart added: "We are delighted that Remedy is planning to use the DI4D system for even more facial performance capture in Quantum Break. This provides further evidence that our DI4D solution not only delivers the enhanced quality of facial performance capture required for ambitious next generation games, but that it also provides an efficient production-ready pipeline.

"We can’t wait to see more awesome animation like Remedy showcased in its Quantum Break E3 trailer."

And you can check out that trailer, and the performance-captured faces in it, below:

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