Remedy using techniques from TV, film and more to make Xbox One exclusive “feel cinematic”

Quantum Break has a dedicated drama team

Swedish studio Remedy Entertainment has created a team dedicated solely to make upcoming title Quantum Break more dramatic.

In a talk at GDC Europe, senior gameplay designer Kyle Rowley discussed how Remedy takes techniques from other forms of entertainment to make all of its games “feel cinematic”.

The developer has even formed a ‘drama team’ for Quantum Break, led by a dedicated drama director to ensure the game is as cinematic and as dramatic as possible. The team also features at least one members from every other discipline involved in the game, such as level design and animation, to ensure consistency.

In fact, to ensure Quantum Break – and indeed all of Remedy’s games – has a unique visual style, the studio also employs a cinematography director. The current holder of this position is primarily a film director, but works with Remedy regularly to advise on camera styles, depth of field and other cinematic techniques from films and TV. He even creates a style guide that gets distributed to all animators, no matter what aspect of the game they work on, to ensure consistency.

Rowley also discussed how Remedy takes both inspiration and talent from other mediums, with some of the artists on the team boasting experience from working on films such as the Harry Potter series.

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