Firm presented Q engine at DevStation Mumbai; has signed first licensee for Indian market

Qube targets Indian development industry

SCEE isn’t the only organisation targeting the Indian development market – engine provider Qube Software is also following suit.

The firm was present at SCEE’s inaugral DevStation event in Mumbai, India, to introduce its Q engine to the assembled developers – and benefited from a favourable reception, says Qube CEO Servan Keondijan.

“I simply explained that Q has been written from the outset as a tool for developers rather than for a specific game project and that it’s designed to work with any platform and for any genre and everyone got it immediately.”

“Right now the platform that’s creating the excitement in India is the PS2 because of the gaming experience it delivers for a very competitive price. But Indian studios are looking ahead. They love the fact that Q can push the PS3 to the max yet also run on the PS2, so as the market moves towards more advanced machines they can simply port all their work across.”

The company has also signed up its first developer for the UK market, Candella Systems, whose forthcoming PS2 title has been comissioned by Sony for the Indian market.

“Q outscored all the other systems we evaluated on three counts,” explained Candella CEO Ajith Ram.

“Firstly it’s compatible with a wider range of systems than any other engine. Secondly it’s the only serious engine whose latest iteration is PS2 compatible and thirdly we found Qube very easy to work with. They understand the needs of studios like ours.”

“Because Q is not genre-specific it can be used for any type of game and given the multiple platforms it is available for one could say it’s the first truly studio-wide solution. If we develop a plug-in during the course of one project its easy to use it or build on it for another; so our development work is cumulative. We can build a library of plug-ins. Nothing is wasted,” he added.

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