‘Quiet Q4 will help Flashpoint’

Codemasters believes its Operation Flashpoint sequel will benefit from fellow publishers moving major rival game releases from Q4 to Q1 next year.

The firm has revealed that it will be backing the title with
an ‘explosive’ Christmas marketing blitz, which will concentrate on exposure in nationwide cinemas.

Brand manager Dan Robinson said: The marketing drive is all about maximising the consumers’ opportunities-to-see in the right channels and this game has had a two year publicity build, and now is launching in a relatively clear launch window for shooters.

The campaign launches an early barrage online to hit core gamers and culminates with an explosive cinema campaign to impact and inspire the mainstream.

Operation Flashpoint’s ‘Think You’re Ready?’ campaign is executed with believable, documentary, gritty, unnerving and visceral creative work. The online activity runs for two months around launch across top tier online gaming sites and a raft of hardcore gaming networks.

"The ‘Sound of War’ cinema campaign then runs for two months and targets three million impressions. Critical reaction has been very positive too.”

Codemasters is also confident that the game will perform well critically, according to brand director Hayley Holland.

Three years ago the dev team set out to take players as close to war as they’ll ever want to get and challenge expectations,” she said.

The result is the most accessible, immersive, sandbox wargame seen in recent times.”

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is due for release on Xbox 360, PC and PS3 on October 9th.

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