Moderator shuts subreddit down, claiming it's become a "hate filled wastehole"

/r/NoMansSky is shut down, deleting months of content

Update: The No Man’s Sky subreddit has been reopened. 

Citing distaste at what it has become, the moderator "r0ugew0lf" has shut down the No Man’s Sky subreddit, deleting the entire subreddit and the content generated by its 150’000 subscribers.

Eurogamer spotted the closure. All posts on the subreddit have been removed, replaced instead with a single topic entitled "Now You’re Here" where "r0ugew0lf" explains his reasons for closing the subreddit:

"So I purged the subreddit. It’s become a hate filled wastehole of no actual discussion. It’s not what we intended it to be and I don’t like providing a platform for hate. I’m sorry to everyone who used the subreddit as intended but you are now in the majority. I’m sure you can find a different place to discuss this game. It’s not hard.

This was my decision and mine alone. The other moderators tried to sway my opinion but cynicism got the best of me as usual."

The subreddit for Hello Games’ controversial space game has been defined by posts from disgruntled players since the game launched in August, and the closing of this subreddit seems to have added more fuel to the fire with many users of the subreddit’s subscribers being upset at the shutdown.

Posts from the private Moderator’s Discord quickly appeared on image hosting site Imgur, showing little in the way of discussion before hitting the big purge button. Behind the rage there’s an undercurrent of surprise, mostly at how easy it is for one person to shut down a large subreddit. Once the No Man’s Sky story falls away, the biggest part of this story is how easily one person can close the doors on a subreddit, especially

Reddit’s administrative team are currently considering their options and a reinstatement of the subreddit, but it’s alarming that one person can break down an entire community at the push of a few buttons. In the meantime, a separate subreddit entitled r/no_mans_sky has been set up, and at the time of writing has 7000 subscribers.

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