Vienna-based art outsourcing firm announces collaboration on upcoming Ruffian title

Rabcat produces Crackdown 2 art assets

Rabcat Computer Graphics, the in-game art outsourcing company, has announced their collaboration with Ruffian Games and Microsoft Game Studios on the upcoming title Crackdown 2.

Rabcat’s art production crew produced 27 weapons, 28 non-player vehicles and 5 player vehicles for the third-person shooter title.

“As a part of our long-term outsourcing strategy Rabcat came aboard as an official vendor at Microsoft Game Studios in 2008. After their work on Forza Motorsport 3, we were happy to engage Rabcat on the art challenges on Crackdown 2,” said Microsoft Game Studios executive producer Peter Connelly.

“Microsoft Game Studios is very happy in our partnership with Rabcat, in short: Rabcat: Fire and forget, come back later to find work better than you’d wished for.”

Ruffian Games art manager Chris Gottgetreu said: “It has been great working with a team of highly skilled and talented people.”

“Their vast knowledge of vehicles and weapons has allowed us to give them a lot freedom in the creativity and design of the assets with the end product exceeding our expectations. Rabcat is a studio that excel’s in every aspect of art, production and management,” he added.

“This time we had the opportunity to make use of both our knowledge about sci-fi as well as automotive design to create fictitious weapons and vehicles,” said Rabcat studio art director Simon Kaiser.

“We really enjoyed that great chance to develop ambitious and creative assets without restrictions of licensed real life products for this fantastic game. Last but not least, it was simply an honor to team up with the committed professionals from Ruffian Games and MGS,” he concluded.

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