New Bink codec has 'speeds 30 per cent faster than MP3 or Ogg'

RAD redesigns audio toolset

RAD has released the new Miles sound system v9.0 that includes a redesigned audio toolset, the company has announced.

The new Miles sound studio included in v9.0 features “intuitive” editing for audio pre-sets, events, environments, filters and mixing.

Other changes to the toolset include the ability to “hot-load” audio assets, events and represents into a running game so developers can edit the soundscape “without waiting for the programmer to iterate”.

A new ‘Bink’ audio codec has also been included, which the company says has speeds 30 per cent faster than MP3 or Ogg, less memory usage and similar compression ratios.

“The Miles Sound System has always been a top-of-the-class, robust audio solution,” said Doubletap president Richard Corredera.

“Now, with the new high-level tools, it’s one of the best solutions available, hands down.”

According to RAD, the sound system has been used by over 5,000 games since 1991 and is currently the only game audio solution to include MP3 playback without additional royalties.

The audio tools will be showing at GDC Online on the 10th and 11th of October.

The company said the Miles sound system v9.0 is available “for all major game platforms”.

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