UK studio chooses off the shelf tech over in-house tool for future projects

Rare to use Wwise audio middleware

Banjo Kazooie, Viva Pinata and Perfect Dark developer Rare has signed up to use Audiokinetic’s Wwise audio pipeline tool in upcoming projects.

Previously, Rare used its own proprietary tech for audio but was switching to Wwise after evaluating the tool.

"Wwise offers an unmatched feature set, yet it is still a very intuitive solution," explained Robin Beanland, head of music at the studio.

"Day after day, we realise that Wwise has got absolutely everything we need: real-time auditioning, advanced profiling capabilities, a comprehensive interactive music feature set, etc. It’s all there and totally straight forward."

Another aspect that stood out in favour of Wwise is the quality of the support provided by Audiokinetic and the responsiveness of the team. "One of our projects developed with Wwise has a very short development cycle.

"Since day 1, the Audiokinetic team has been amazing in supporting us, making sure that no time is wasted. They’re as dedicated to our project as we are, and it is very comforting to know that we have an extra team of 25 people to rely on."

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