Manufacturing of credit card sized computer scaled up to 4,000 a day

Raspberry Pi now taking bulk purchases

Customers of the miniature computer Raspeberry Pi can now make multiple orders for the device, its creators have announced.

Previously the Foundation had restricted purchases to one Raspberry Pi each, but manufacturing of the device has now scaled up to 4,000 a day to allow for bulk buying.

Its creators said orders placed now will be fulfilled within four-to-six weeks after orders made before July 16th have been shipped.

“Up until now, we’ve had to restrict purchases of the Raspberry Pi to one per customer because the demand has been – and continues to be – so high,” read a statement on the official website.

“Both of our manufacturing partners have been working at building capacity so you we can lift that limit – right now, 4000 Raspberry Pis are being made every day.”

It added: “This is of special importance to those of you who are using the Raspberry Pi in your businesses, and to people looking to buy classroom sets for schools and universities.

“And if you’ve been waiting for the Raspberry Pi to be in general delivery before you order, now’s the time to get your order in; it helps us to plan the supply chain efficiently if we have a bit of visibility of what’s just down the road.”

Created by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, of which Frontier boss David Braben is a prominent member, the credit card sized computer has been designed to be as open as possible.

It is hoped the device will encourage students to study creative computer programming and provide all young potential developers with a fully fledged PC experience at a cost of approximately £22.

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