Foundation calls on developers to help them refine optical input

Raspberry Pi snaps up camera add-on

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is developing a camera as a means for users to explore new creative horizons with the hardware.

The Raspberry Pi camera is due to go on sale in April, but right now, its makers are calling on developers to help them test the hardware in order to find its weak spots and refine them if possible.

“We want you to try to get the camera doing something imaginative,” said the Foundation in a blog post.

“Think about playing around with facial recognition; or hooking two of them up together and modging the images together to create some 3D output; or getting the camera to recognise when something enters the frame that shouldn’t be there and doing something to the image as a result. We are not looking for entries from people who just want to take pictures, however pretty they are.”

The Foundation is giving away ten prototype Pi camera boards (pictured) to users who can convince it that they will use it in weird and wonderful ways.

Email details and additional information can be found here.

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