Activisionâ??s sci-fi FPS, initially set for a â??fall 2009â??, no longer has a release window

Ravenâ??s Singularity project stalls again

American studio Raven Software will not see the release of its sci-fi FPS Singularity in the first calendar quarter.

The move marks the second known delay that has affected Activision’s Xbox 360, PS3 and PC title.

Singularity was initially scheduled for a “fall 2009” release, before being pulled back to the first calendar quarter of 2010.

At the time, an Activision spokesperson claimed “we believe that the March quarter will provide a better opportunity to establish the new cutting-edge action IP as a ‘must-have’ title and clears the way for Modern Warfare 2 to dominate this holiday season.”

Activision have since pulled the game’s release window again, with no clarification on when the title will see light of day.

A company spokesperson told Bigdownload that there was no launch date specifically given to the game.

Speaking to Develop last year, Singularity producer Kekoa Lee-Creel said that Raven software was “up against a technological barrier, so the choices we make have to be smart ones.”

The game allows set objects within the game to be manipulated in different states of time, resulting in a range of impressive alterations player can make to in-game objects.

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