Tool allows developers to trigger peripheral lighting with in-game actions

Razer Chroma SDK enters beta

Accessories giant Razer has released the beta version of its Razer Chroma SDK.

The toolset enables devs to add functionality to their games that interacts with the firm’s Chroma line of light-up peripherals, such as keyboards, mice and headsets.

The SDK will enable developers to customise each individual LED in these devices, creating lighting effects that reflect in-game actions and scenerios. For example, they could be programmed to glow blue when the player is submerged under water, or flash red when gamers take damage or are killed.

Razer also suggests using the lights to represent health and mana bars for online games such as MOBAs, or cooldown timers for special abilities.

Developers can even create standalone applications specifically for the devices. A Chroma keyboard could have a clock app that displays the time using the number and numpad keys, or could be used to play a game of Snake with the arrow keys.

The beta is free for everyone to participate. Initially only for the Razer BlackWidow Chroma keyboard, the company plans to add more devices soon.

"The Chroma line has rapidly become the most popular family of gaming peripherals the world over, and with the Chroma SDK we have unleashed the true potential of our devices," said Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan. 

"The Chroma SDK allows Razer devices to become a part of the game, reacting to in-game action for a much deeper gaming experience."

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