Developer â??tired of PC engines shoe-horned into consolesâ??

Ready At Dawn declares war with new engine

Californian developer Ready At Dawn has attacked the current state of console game engines for being too PC-centric and scattered with middleware components.

The God of War: Chains of Olympus developer made criticisms as it announced its own newly-available alternative, the Ready At Dawn Engine.

“We are building something for developers who are tired of the challenges of PC engines shoe-horned into consoles, or trying to stitch together layers upon layers of middleware from multiple vendors,” said company president Didier Malenfant, though without naming names.

“Our solution will be a complete game development platform that simply works,” he said.

The Ready At Dawn Engine is said to be a wholly console-centric platform, integrated with a suite of third-party tools that require no additional licence. These tools include 3D content editing, audio, user interface and asset management systems.

The Ready At Dawn Engine can be used drive the development of Xbox 360, PSP and PS3 titles. The studio itself has developed PSP and Wii titles, though it has now returned its PSP dev kits to Sony.

The new engine faces a wealth of competition, click here to read Develop’s top 10 list of game engines.

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