APB-Evolved.com gets grant to cope with increased traffic

Realtime Worlds gives $1,000 to fansite

Dundee-based indie Realtime Worlds has given $1,000 to a fansite dedicated to its upcoming cops’n’robbers MMO APB.

The gift comes as APB-Evolved.com was in the process of raising funds for a dedicated server, so that it could cope with more traffic as the game inched forward towards release.

In a post on APB-Evolved.com, Realtime Worlds’ community relations manager Chris Dye wrote: "Realtime Worlds feels you should all be able to focus your efforts on continuing to build and run this awesome site which we hope will ‘evolve’ alongside the game.

"As such, we would like to donate the $1000 required to secure the hosting of this site for the next 12 months and beyond. You have also offered a great place for new fans of the game to come and not only share their ideas and learn more about the game from yourselves, but have provided them with a friendly supportive group in which to do this."

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