UK developer decries reviews portal as an indicator of success

Rebellion: Metacritic is irrelevant to us

There is a disconnect between games reviews and games buyers that renders Metacritic meaningless, according to Rebellion boss Jason Kingsley.

The studio’s Sniper Elite series has nailed average review scores of between 77 per cent and 53 per cent, but that hasn’t stopped the last two main games in the series from topping the charts and shifting hundreds of thousands of units digitally.

"Nobody here ever bothers about Metacritic," Kingsley told Games Industry. "We think of it as irrelevant, quite frankly.

“We only concentrate on what the users think, and every aggregate user score has been significantly higher than the aggregate professional score. We care about the people who are spending their money, and whether we’re happy that we’ve made a good game. The acid test isn’t somebody’s abstracted number.

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