Game company looking to license out games based on comic 2000 AD's library of characters, which it holds the licenses for

Rebellion to allow developers to work with 2000 AD licenses

Speaking at 2000 AD’s 40 year celebration in Hammersmith yesterday, 2000 AD license holder and game developer Rebellion has revealed that they’re planning to start licensing some of the comic’s library of memorable character to other developers to use.

This is being reported by Bleeding Cool, who attended the event. There, Jason Kingsley said that Rebellion have made several 2000 AD based games in the past, but are now operating at full capacity — understandable with their latest title Sniper Elite 4 releasing tomorrow — and so will be opening this library up for other developers to take a swing.

Some of their more famous characters are Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, Halo Jones, blue-skinned soldier Rogue Trooper and barbarian Slaine, and the library includes not just the comic books stars but also their supporting characters and antagonists.

This is big news for developers big and small who might previously have been reticent to pitch for the licenses with the knowledge that Rebellion, a company many would view as a competitor, were holding the reigns.

The last 2000 AD game was 2003’s Judge Dredd vs Death which had plenty of ideas, but didn’t make a massive impact. That was 14 years ago, and both technology and video game design have come a long way since then and Kingsley is expecting "four to five games possibly developed from other publishers in the near future."

As someone who named their five favourite 2000 AD characters above, I’ll live on in hope.

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