Co-founder David McGovern on getting a job at the ambitious Dublin-based mobile studio

Recruiter Hot Seat: Digit Game Studios

Name: David McGovern
Title: Chief operating officer
Company: Digit Game Studios Ltd
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Hiring: 40 people across all aspects of games development, from technology and art, through to game design, UI/UX, audio, FX and production
Where to apply:

What differentiates your studio from other developers?
Lots of studios are different from one another. We like to focus on what we can do to make Digit a great place to work. That comes down to hiring amazing people so we are always learning from each other, giving people a work environment which is comfortable, fun and different, being located in a city which is young, vibrant and exciting and making sure we work on really incredible projects. We will be working on a massive triple-A IP, due for release in 2016, which will be one of the biggest mobile game launches of that year.

How many staff are you looking to take on?
Initially we are looking to triple the size of the studio, by bringing in 40 new hires.

What perks are available to working at your studio?
A great location, working right in the centre of Dublin City. We work in an 18th century former grain store that we have transformed into a cutting edge studio. A fully kitted out relaxation area with pool, games, great coffee, food, books and whatever else people enjoy doing to take a break. Then the usual stuff like great salaries, private healthcare cover, personal training budgets, great company events, etcetera.

What should aspiring devs do with their CV to get an interview?
Read the job specs and ensure your CV covers the various areas. If you have any examples of your work then please make sure you include those too, and include a great cover letter that tells us why working in games is your passion and why Digit would be the perfect fit for you.

Who is the best interviewee you have ever had and how did they impress you?
Anyone who can display their passion for creating games, and back that up with the proven experience of excelling in their previous jobs will do very well with us. People are always nervous during interviews, but we find those who really are passionate about something very quickly shed those nerves when they talk to us. This is because they realise very quickly that we are similar; we all love making amazing games.

And who was the worst?
The person who couldn’t tell us a single thing about Digit or our games. Doing your research is very important, as it not only shows you are really passionate about the job, but that you took the time to really understand what Digit and our games are about.

What advice would you give for a successful interview?
If you get to an interview, chances are you have the experience to do the job well. The interview is all about a personal relationship forming in the short time available.

Those who impressed us the most are those who can display the breadth of their experience and knowledge easily, demonstrate the impact they had in each of their previous roles and at the same time display the passion they have for making games with us.

If you have recruited internationally, what is the process like?
We take a very hands on approach to ensure any relocation is as smooth and easy as possible. We help with relocation costs, ensuring all the relevant documentation is available, give advice on places to live and help with initial accommodation needs. And we make sure that the actual move itself is a stress free as we can. We already have a very international team in Digit, and one of the reasons for this is that we make the whole process of relocation as easy as possible.

How have your recruitment needs changed at your studio?
With this new recruitment drive we are seeing a shift internally to more 3D and effects-based roles. This is a reflection on how mobile games have advanced so much in the past few years. We need to be competing and surpassing the best games out there, and to do that we need to make games that not only are fun and exciting to play, but look, sound and perform incredibly.

Why should developers join you when indie and self-publishing have become so much more accessible?
Self-publishing and Indie development has exploded recently, which is fantastic for the industry as a whole. The major drawback is stability and knowing where you will be in a couple of years time.

We like to try and encourage that continued passion for making games, and being creative, but in a studio that is well funded and stable. And where you will be collaborating with some of the best developers in the world, working on some of the biggest titles in the mobile space and where you will be learning almost every single day. n

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