Amanda Cowie invites you to join the Moshi Monsters’ family, which is looking to expand even further in 2014

Recruiter Hot Seat: Mind Candy

Amanda Cowie
Title: Senior talent specialist
Developer: Mind Candy

What differentiates Mind Candy from other developers?
I truly believe that we are unique in so many ways. Firstly, we’re very much an entertainment business. Moshi Monsters appears in so many different guises from the web game to console titles, mobile apps to multiple physical products, as well as books, the magazine, music and our recently released film and animated series.
Most of this is done in-house so we have many different areas that people can work in and learn from.

Secondly, in addition to Moshi, we are working on multiple new products in different genres, demographics and platforms, which is hugely exciting for us.

Lastly, our culture and working environment is really special. We are true to our company values: respectful, entrepreneurial, passionate, playful, innovative and commercial. We have a very collaborative, information-sharing and fun environment, where people feel they can really input and add value to our business.

How many staff are you currently looking to take on?
We currently have around 30 roles open here at Mind Candy as we are growing at such a rapid rate. We’re looking for a broad range of skills across tech, creative, product and project management, PR, marketing and licensing. Although each position requires a different skill set there are some core traits that we look for, which include a passion for the industry, a natural curiosity and desire to learn. Also, a willingness to take on anything, put forward ideas and the ability to be agile in an ever-changing environment.

What perks or privileges are available to staff at the studio?
There is a huge wealth of opportunities here at Mind Candy. We absolutely don’t pigeonhole anyone, so people with talent and a passion for other areas of the business are encouraged to explore those areas further. With multiple projects going on, employees have the opportunity to work on a wide variety of products.

Everyone in the company also has the chance to pitch their new product ideas to the senior management team and wider company at our annual conference/festival, Candy Stock, in addition to working with all levels of the company on a daily basis – there are no barriers here.

We also hold game jams, hackathons and attend global conferences where we actively encourage teams or individuals to give talks. Employees can also ‘give back’ by volunteering with local children through our charitable foundation, which also donates money and resources to children’s charities all over the world. Perks are plentiful, with everyone in the company having the opportunity to be a shareholder, hoards of free food every day, many social events, such as ‘Beer o’clock Friday’, sports teams and a life drawing class to name a few.

What should aspiring devs do with their CV to get to an interview?
This is such a critical point in the process for any applicant. We like to see passion coming through, something that stands out from the crowd. A developer that spends time doing a cover letter or even a video that shows us that they have researched Mind Candy, the role and working environment is always very interesting.

Our culture is incredibly important to us, so it’s always good when we see a bit of personality coming through, which can be difficult to get across solely with a CV. It’s always good to pick out some career highlights, interesting hobbies and also links to blogs, Twitter, portfolios or anything that gives us a bit more insight into the individual.

Who is the best interviewee you have ever had?
The best interviewees are people who walk into our office and are delighted by it. People who are passionate about Mind Candy, passionate about their trade and passionate about the amazing opportunities that are available to them here. Those people who are naturally curious and, of course, exceptionally talented.

And who was the worst?
The worst interviewees are those who turn up totally ill-prepared. My heart sinks when people haven’t played Moshi Monsters or don’t know our incredibly interesting history as it shows a lack of interest. We don’t hide our light under a bushel – there’s a lot of information out there about us.

What advice would you give jobseekers for getting an interview?
Be prepared. Mind Candy and Moshi Monsters have been in the press a huge amount over the years giving you plenty to go on, as well as a game you can play. Research the interviewers and other notable people in the company. Ask questions. This is a two-way process, where both parties need to leave feeling well informed. Be yourself, quirks and all. Be enthusiastic, we love our brand and we want you to as well.

What is Mind Candy’s international recruitment process like?
Mind Candy is always on the look out for international talent and has recently welcomed several international candidates on board, providing relocation and sponsorship. There will be opportunities going forward for candidates to be based both here in London and in the US, building our brands over there.

There is so much scope as the business continues to expand globally for people to work internationally.

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