Mikaela Oberg-Mattila talks about Remedy’s recruitment needs, what it’s like to work at the Finnish developer and why you should join the team – spoiler alert, the office has a sauna, that’s why.

Recruiter Hot Seat: Remedy

What differentiates your studio from other developers?

First of all, Remedy is based in “exotic” Finland and I have to say that it really is not that cold at all here, though it can be pretty dark for the better part of a year. Let’s just get the facts out.

Seriously though, we are an independent studio in our 22nd year of making video games. We make cinematic blockbuster action games that break media boundaries and push the envelope of 3D character technology and visual effects.
I do like to think that at Remedy, you can truly have an impact in the games we develop.

How many staff are you looking to take on?

Currently we have about ten open positions in various disciplines such as technology, programming, game design and art. We are looking for passionate and talented people who want to work with new, unique and exciting things.

What perks are available to working at your studio?
The most important perk is to be able to make unique games and develop our game technology. That is what we love and are passionate about. We are also a very people-oriented studio, and flexibility and work-life balance are very important to us.

We offer private healthcare and dental plans, extensive health and leisure insurance, fully stocked cafe? with free snacks and beverages, annual sports and culture allowance. We have plenty of other recreational events that we do together. We also offer a vacation plan including annual trips to the employees homeland paid by the company.

We offer Finnish lessons (also for the family) and different kinds of activities for people who come from abroad in order to get to know Finland. Our four-floor studio, of course, has a sauna and a bar with a terrace on the fourth floor. We also have a private gym. I swear I have seen some people use it!

What should aspiring devs do with their CV to get an interview?

A clear and easy-to read CV is the starting point. We also appreciate a link to a portfolio and/or a list of projects that you have been working on. We are always interested in seeing something tangible you have done. 

What advice would you give for a successful interview at your studio? It is always good to read and collect as much information regarding us and the projects beforehand, and think of questions that we can answer during the interview. We want to know as much as possible about your previous work, project and experience and also of course gain insight in your competence level. We also conduct a few different tests before or during the interview. We also really like to know what kind of projects have been inspiring to you, what you like to do and what you don’t enjoy, in order to know if we can offer what you need to be inspiredand motivated. 

If you have recruited internationally what is the process like?

We recruit a lot internationally. About 40 per cent of our employees come from abroad and we have about 20 different nationalities at Remedy.

We usually set up the first and second interview by Skype where key team members are present.

The third round is usually an on-site interview, where you get to spend the whole day at our studio, meeting the closest leads, colleagues and other people from the company. We also try to arrange a dinner with a couple of people from the team, in order to really get to know each other.

If you come from far away, we usually try to arrange things so that you get to spend a couple of days in Finland to get to know our country as well. If you would be moving with a family, we also pay for them to come.

Why should developers join you when indie and self-publishing have become so much more accessible?

I would say Remedy is a place where you get to work on unique cinematic triple-A scale games and have a significant impact on the end product, as our team sizes are still relatively small. We make games that are globally marketed and get a lot of coverage, so your work will definitely get recognition. Our company is very down-to earth, and gives our people a lot of freedom, but we are over 20-years-old and that gives us stability and professionalism. 


Location:Espoo (Finland)

Hiring: Ten open vacancies in various disciplines such as technology, programming, game design and art.

Where to apply: www.remedygames.com/careers

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