Recruiter Véronique Lessard tells us what the studio is looking for in new employees

Recruiter Hot Seat: Ubisoft Quebec

Name: Véronique Lessard
Title: Recruiter
Developer: Ubisoft Quebec City
Country: Canada

What differentiates your studio from other companies?
Ubisoft Quebec has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent months. In the almost ten years since the studio set up shop in beautiful Quebec City, we’ve worked on several major Ubisoft franchises, including Assassin’s Creed, starting with Brotherhood.

We’ve earned our spurs and are ready to take things up a notch. In fact, we recently announced that Ubisoft Quebec will now be in charge of developing new generation triple-A games, including forthcoming chapters of Assassin’s Creed.

It is against this backdrop of growth and development opportunities for new games on major Ubisoft franchises that the roughly 360 talented staff at our studio are currently working.

The studio is small enough so that almost everyone knows each other, which makes it a very friendly place to work. The human resources team works closely with each employee to ensure their professional development at the company.

At Ubisoft Quebec, continuing education and career advancement are very important to us. Having such a vibrant studio of this size means each employee can have their own career profile and lots of great development opportunities.

How many staff are you currently looking to take on?
Ubisoft Quebec is currently seeking about 30 new talented employees, including a number of senior staff to fill strategic positions on current and future projects.

For example, we’re looking for a creative director and an animation director to launch the development of one of our upcoming projects. The positions currently available at Ubisoft Quebec can be viewed on our website:

What should aspiring new recruits do with their CV to make sure they get an interview?
Keep it simple. That’s the best way to get my attention. When I get lost in a CV because there are too many colours or drawings, I quickly move on to the next one.

I often advise people to send me a short message on LinkedIn telling me they’ve applied. This lets me pay special attention to their CV. But it’s important not to bombard the recruiter with too many follow-up messages – that could have the opposite effect.

Who is the best interviewee you have ever had?
In my opinion, anyone who is well prepared, who shows interest in the company and passion for their work, is likely to be a good interview candidate. It’s important to be yourself. People who are real and act naturally in an interview immediately get my full attention.

And what’s the worst interview you’ve ever had?
Saying negative things about former employers or even Ubisoft is not a winning formula. Bringing your mother or girlfriend to an interview isn’t a great idea either. And that has actually happened.

What advice would you give for a successful interview at a studio like Ubisoft Quebec?
Be yourself and show passion for your work. Interviewers want to know who you are and if they would like working with you.

You should also be sure you’re well prepared and find out about the company so you can talk about it during the interview.

If Ubisoft Quebec has recruited internationally, what was the process like?
Over the years, we have hired more than 50 people from outside Canada. Currently almost a third of the team comes from outside Quebec. What matters to us is talent, regardless of where in the world the person is.

Ubisoft’s vast global network is an undeniable advantage for our recruiting. And in this age of social networking, I can say that international recruiting is done almost exclusively in this way.

Once new overseas recruits have fallen in love with Quebec City and the team that we have here, we make every effort to welcome them and ensure that their arrival goes as smoothly as possible: assisting new employees with work permits, relocation, integrating families, etcetera.

How have your recruitment needs changed at Ubisoft Quebece as it continues to expand?
Our evolving projects have led us to seek high-level candidates who have worked on big triple-A productions, all specialties combined.

We are lucky to have a strong and talented team in place here. Bringing on new talent will only enhance the quality of our up-and-coming projects.

Why should developers join a studio like Ubisoft Quebec when being indie and self-publishing have become so much more accessible to them now?
With Ubisoft Quebec, you have an opportunity to work on world-renowned, new generation triple-A games at a studio that values each individual and is part of a strong international network.

At just two-and-a-half hours from Montreal, Quebec City is a great place to live on your own or with a family. It features the charm of a European city with a North American vibe.

For us, employees come first. They are central to all our decisions. So we do everything we can to keep our employees happy and support their professional growth.

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