Alan Wake team may take just as long on its next project, if necessary

Remedy may continue elongated dev cycles

Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment is unfazed by criticisms of long development times, and has hinted that it will take just as long on its next project if necessary.

Remedy has in recent times been subjected to criticisms for taking noticeably prolonged amounts of time developing its most recent title, Alan Wake.

Yet Oskari Häkkinen, Remedy’s head of franchise development, told develop in an interview published today that the prolonged dev cycles can often be a necessary procedure to ensure quality.

“Remedy aims to create intellectual properties that have unique concepts and entertain wide audiences,” said Häkkinen.

“Whereas this approach often takes on a longer development cycle we believe our concept serves the gamers as well as our company’s internal high expectations.”

Häkkinen claimed that the Remedy team were aware – form the off – of how much time would need to be taken to finish developing Alan Wake.

When asked if the team would ever return to an extended development cycle after Alan Wake, Häkkinen responded,

“We believe we have a quality bar to live up to, and we are only as good as our last project. We strive to improve and deliver innovative games with unique features – break barriers so to speak – and this takes time.”

The full interview can be found here.

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