Launch Conference 2013: Studio boss Ella Romanos explains the impact of poor recruitment

Remode: The single biggest threat to your business comes from within

Hiring the wrong person can be the single biggest threat to your studio.

That’s according to Remode Studios’ CEO Ella Romanos, who told attendees at this year’s Launch Conference that poor recruitment decisions can have a devastating impact on your team.

“It’s not just that hiring these people will waste money and time in the long run – that’s obvious,” she said. “What’s not obvious is that it also has a big impact on the rest of your team, and specifically your team’s morale.

“And that’s even after you’ve solved the problem. The team may resent whichever employee it is that is causing the problem, but they will also resent the management for hiring them in the first place, or for not dealing with the problem sooner.”

Romanos added that specifically hiring people with attitude problems, people that don’t work as part of a team, can be particularly harmful to a game’s development.

“It can be very difficult to deal with, and difficult to prove,” she said. “But it can have such a huge effect on the rest of your team. Even when you identify the problem and deal with it, bring the team back up to their previous level can take a long time.”

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