Employees said to be openly looking to leave amidst pay dispute

Report: Homefront director heads Crytek UK departures

The director of Homefront: The Revolution is thought to be one of a number of staff to have resigned from Crytek UK, according to a report.

Sources “familiar with the studio” speaking to Kotaku claimed Hasit Zala had quit the studio, as well as development manager Ben Harris, who is said to have left the developer last month.

Zala has been with Crytek UK, formerly known as Free Radical Design, since 1999. His LinkedIn profile states he is currently still employed by the studio.

The sources also claimed a number of other staff have either left the developer or are openly looking for new employment this week.

Last month Develop reported that as many as 40 staff have left Crytek UK since work on Homefront: The Revolution began, and the studio is having trouble bringing in replacements as quickly as they are leaving.

As of June 26th, one source said employees haven’t been paid their full salary since April 21st, instead receiving payments of around £700 May.

Last week reports surfaced that Crytek UK staff staged a walkout over pay. Develop has received conflicting accounts from multiple sources, making it unclear to the extent at which staff walked out, and for how long.

Crytek has remained quiet on reports so far.

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