Games must also be installed on hard drive, claims Durango ebay seller SuperDaE

Report: Next Xbox requires Kinect to work

Motion sensing peripheral Kinect will be a mandatory requirement for the next Xbox, according to a report.

Speaking to Kotaku, a source who goes by the name ‘SuperDaE’, known for trying to sell a Durango development kit on ebay, said that the Kinect would need to be plugged in to the console for the system to fully function.

The information came from 20 white papers, which showed the unit as “far superior” to the current sensor. The mandatory requirement to use Kinect is said to be down to the key role it will play in the new console and to encourage developers to create games making use of the hardware.

The new version of Kinect is said to have much-improved tracking, able to track thumbs and read facial expressions while also being able to track up to six active players.

As well as improved Kinect functionality, the next Xbox will also come with a 500gb HDD. All games will need to be installed on the console, but this can take place in the background while being played.

More than one game or app can also be run simultaneously, with users now able to pause a game and load up a new app, rather than having to quit titles completely to access another.

The new Xbox controller meanwhile is said to be a “natural evolution” of the Xbox 360 pad, and will largely keep the same design but take advantage of new wireless technology.

SuperDaE did not however provide details of whether the Xbox would require a constant internet connection, as previous rumours had suggested.

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