Speculation abound that the 3DS will also add 3D control and vibration support

Report: Nintendo 3DS uses parallax barrier tech

Nintendo will adopt parallax barrier technology to give its new handheld 3D display properties, a series of Japanese news reports suggest.

According to news outlet Asahi, the 3DS will feature a parallax barrier LCD, provided by Sharp.

The rumour is corroborated by Japanese financial paper Nikkei, which alleges that the 3DS’s dual screens will measure shorter than the DSi XL, to a size comparable to the original DSi’s.

Nikkei adds that the device will feature either one or two 3D control sticks, as well as vibration functionality though details are scarce.

Nintendo has not confirmed the rumours.

If the rumours surrounding the parallax barrier LCD display turn out to be true, then the new design will please Blitz Games Studios CTO Andrew Oliver, who says that tech is ideal for the device.

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