PS4 to be announced 'in a matter of weeks'

Report: PS4 abandoning DualShock controller

Sony is set to abandon the DualShock controller design for the PS4, according to a report.

A source working on an upcoming Sony game has told CVG that Sony is set to ditch the controller, with the new gamepad having gone through a number of iterations that look little like the old design.

As well as potentially making a new controller, various redesigns of the new gamepad are also said to include biometric sensors and an LCD touchscreen.

A separate source claimed that Sony was “trying to emulate the same user interface philosophies as the PS Vita”.

It was also suggested that the new PS4 will be revealed within the next few weeks, a claim similar to previous rumours that Sony is set to reveal its next-gen console on February 25th at its Destination PlayStation event.

Sony has used its DualShock joypad design since the first ever PlayStation, and was introduced back in 1997.

Even if there is a significant redesign of the controller, it is not clear if the PS4 will also incorporate the DualShock pad, similar to how the Wii U still takes advantage of Wii remotes.

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